Frequently Asked Questions

Topdeck enables you to remotely monitor your site’s activity - streaming live video and saving a complete archive of your site's events. Our monitoring services help you detect, communicate, and eliminate safety hazards and operational inefficiencies early on. You can investigate sources of project delays and enhance productivity by referring to your daily time lapse videos. Our daily orthophotos and 3D maps help you minimize costly site visits. Our AI specialists work with you to bring you the data you need to fully utilize your site's assets.

Our easy-to-use web dashboard provides the tools you need to control your cameras and view live streams. Use it to access archive videos, daily time lapses, aerial maps, and AI reports. Try it out for free.

Through your web dashboard, you can fully customize data access for different stakeholders including owners, managers, inspectors, and general and subcontractors.

There is no limit on the number of users you can invite to join your project.

Yes. Unlike most IP cameras which stream over an exposed TCP/IP connection, all our camera streams are using secure TLS connections. Furthermore, we strive to keep our cryptographic ciphers and protocols up to date so that every connection to our web dashboard is secure. Lastly, the web dashboard is password-protected and user access can be customized by the project admin based on the user's role in that project.

You are in full control of your data. Most customers ask us to store their video archive and AI data for a period of 2 to 10 years for a nominal fee. You can also delete your data at the end of the project.

No, our web dashboard works with all modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on desktop and mobile devices without the need to install external plugins.

Your nominal subscription comes with hourly and daily time lapse videos that are automatically generated round the clock. We also offer professional services for custom time-lapse videos.

Our technicians install the cameras at locations that provide the best coverage of your site. They also configure the network for maximum availability.

Our specialists determine the optimal networking solution specific to your site. Generally, the cameras are either connected to your own wifi or a separate wifi network that we set up on your site.

We offer a range of weather-proof live-streaming and time lapse cameras with PTZ capability up to 30x optical zoom. See our cameras page for more details.

Yes, we support installation on any elevated structure that is appropriate for your business needs.

PTZ stands for pan-tilt-zoom. A PTZ camera can be remotely steered in any direction and zoomed in/out by the user.

Our cameras can be installed on all types and brands of tower cranes including horizontal jib and luffing boom tower cranes.

Our specialists use 3D models to determine the optimal number and positioning of cameras that provide full coverage of your site depending on your crane configuration.

Prices vary depending on camera selection and site specifics. Contact one of our site configuration specialists today for a fast, free quote.